Residential Properties
Bay Area's Leading Residential Property Detailing Service

Our Full Service House Detail Includes:

Clean Out and Flush Rain Gutter Systems

  • All debris is bagged
  • All clogs are cleared
  • All ladders are padded with standoffs
  • Downspout strainers installed
  • No-clog guarantee


"We count on East-West to really take good care of our house."
- Lynn H., Los Gatos

"It's a great service, long overdue."
- Peter R., Cupertino

"East-West has earned my trust completely - I know my home is in good hands."
- Jackie A., Saratoga

Pressure Wash All Walkways, Patios and Driveways

  • Remove algae, mold, oil and dirt
  • Hot and cold water to 4,000PSI
  • Chemical treatments available
  • Care is taken to be safe for all surfaces

Wash Exterior of House

  • Remove dirt, cobwebs and debris from surface of house
  • Pressure is adjusted to ensure painted surfaces are safe

Clean All Windows

  • Windows washed outside and inside
  • Screens and sills washed
  • Paint removed from glass
  • Hard water stains treated
  • Our interior cleaners wear shoe covers and use drop cloths

Clean All Awnings

  • Hand brushed and washed
  • Deep cleaning solutions used
  • Final coat of sealant is applied to protect from UV rays and pollutants